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Summit Surprise is a monthly box of mountain inspired goodies. Each box offers you the perfect way to recreate, retreat, and reignite… even when you can’t get out to head for the hills. It’s a monthly mountain escape right in your home!




Recreation is vital to recreate body, soul and spirit. Our bodies were made to move. The mountains provide the ultimate playground. Maybe this is one reason people are naturally drawn to them. Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, climbing, camping, hunting, fishing, photographing. There are so many ways to move in the mountains.

Our souls were made for vision, inspiration, and emotion. All it takes is a sunset, a vista, or a wildlife siting to nourish our minds. Our imaginations can refresh on the wings of eagles, our emotions can rejoice with singing, our desires can reignite with with a fiery sunset.

Our spirits are made with eternity in our hearts. They are revived from majestic mountain majesty. Our sense of purpose and destiny is renewed from high places. We’re reborn to connect with our creator from the voice of nature.




Our fast paced urban worlds enable us to perform our work well. We inspire each other, collaborate together, socialize with friends. To bring the balance we need to stay healthy and well, there needs to be times to retreat from man’s world to earth’s nature.

Mountains bring the escape we need to refresh, relax, and reflect. A mountain retreat is like candy for our lives. It brings sweetness from living life large. Getting into the mountains gets us into a place of rest, peace and wellness.


Many of us experience a degree of burnout at some point in life. It can impact our work, relationships, or creativity. The simple, mundane tasks of daily living cannot be ignored, but they can be escaped from time to time.

A Rocky Mountain High doesn’t mean just a happy drug. There is a natural high we get in the mountains. It’s where we can escape and be reignited with passion for our purpose in life. The things that remind us of our mountain inspiration can recharge us again and again.

Be refreshed every month when you open your Summit Surprise escape box. It will be filled with goodies that enable you to escape to the mountains right from your home.



We Donate a Portion of Our Profits to the National Park Foundation

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